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Three-dimensional echo of the heart in Mashhad

کلینیک غیر تهاجمی قلب نگار، کلینیک تخصصی قلب نگار، بهترین پزشکان متخصص قلب در مشهد

Echocardiography, which is short for echocardiography, means examining the condition of the heart, valves, muscles, and heart chambers. Echocardiography is actually a completely safe and non-invasive ultrasound method that examines the structures of the heart, including the condition of the heart valves and the contractile strength of the heart. In fact, your doctor may prescribe an echocardiogram when you suspect that your heart valves or chambers are not working properly. Your doctor may also order this test for chest pain, shortness of breath, or other reasons.

Some types of echocardiography

One of the most common echocardiograms is chest echocardiography. In the laboratory, after rubbing some echo gel, a transformer is placed on it and pressed. This device reaches the heart through ultrasound waves and records the sound wave of your heart and sends it to a computer that converts these waves into images. Sometimes you will be injected with a substance to make the image clearer.

The other echo is a two-dimensional echo. For years, this echo was the only echo available and is still used in many clinics and clinics. This is the simplest type of echo used to measure different parts of the heart, such as the pump chamber, the size of the heart, the thickness of the heart wall, and so on.

The other echo is three-dimensional echo. This echo, which is performed using modern and special devices, is able to produce three-dimensional images of the heart. Until now, and until a few years ago, echocardiography was performed in two dimensions; That is, the images taken from patients’ hearts were two-dimensional. Now, with the advancement of technology in the field of medical equipment, a new method for three-dimensional echocardiography has been created. In this way, the doctor will get much clearer and more accurate images of the patient’s heart, and as a result, will have a better and more accurate diagnosis of the patient’s disease or cardiovascular problems. Three-dimensional echoes allow the physician to very accurately assess certain disorders, especially in patients whose heart valves are artificial or who are candidates for a variety of surgeries. Sometimes 3D echo is added to 2D echo to provide better images and more accurate information.

Another type of echo is intracardiac echo. This echo is also one of the newest echoes of the heart, which enables doctors to diagnose certain diseases. Echocardiography is performed by inserting a thin tube into a blood vessel.

Stress echo or exercise echo is a common type of echo that is performed to assess the strength of the heart during exercise. In this test, the patient’s heart rate is deliberately raised to a certain extent with the help of exercise equipment such as a treadmill, and then his blood pressure and heart rate are measured. Cardiac information and blood pressure during cardiac rest are then recorded. It is best to wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes to perform this test.

Esophageal echo or heart echo through the esophagus is another type of echo that, as its name implies, is performed through the esophagus. In this method, a special probe that produces ultrasound waves enters the esophagus to record cardiac information. The esophagus is the connecting tube between the mouth and the stomach, and the reason for this test is that the esophagus is very close to the heart. You will be given a sedative after an esophageal echo, so you should not drive after the test. Eventually you may feel discomfort in your throat for a day or two, which is not an important issue and will go away soon.

Echo testing process

After visiting and evaluating your physical condition, your doctor will decide to prescribe one of the types of echo. You do not have to worry about echoing. After undressing from the waist up, you lie on the bed and the lab technician, in a simple and completely painless process, installs adhesive-like electrodes on your body so that it can transfer your heart information to a computer device. . A special gel is then rubbed on the chest to make the waves more easily transmitted. The transformer technician then presses and moves on your body to transfer your cardiac information, and finally the image of your heart is imprinted on the computer.

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