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ECG The diagram of the potentials produced by the heart, and in fact the electrical activity tape of the heart, is called an electrocardiogram or ECG.

The electrical waves of the heart are plotted by an electrocardiograph on a special checkered paper consisting of a number of small and large squares.

One of the safest and simplest steps is to send valuable information about the heart to a cardiologist, who receives and records it through an electrocardiograph. Turns.

After the ECG test, the nurse or technician removes the electrodes from the patient’s body. After removing the electrodes, the skin at the site may become slightly sensitive and red, which is often not important and does not require treatment. The patient can easily return to their daily activities after the ECG test.

ECG is a routine and primary measure in the evaluation of heart pain and heart attacks, which is recommended and performed for all those who are suspected of angina, myocardial infarction and acute heart problems.

How to prepare for an ECG:

Be sure not to do strenuous physical activity before having an ECG test.

Avoid stress.

Do not eat a heavy meal before going to the office or medical center.

– It is better for men to shave their chest hair before the test.

Moving, talking, shaking may affect the ECG test results, so we have to be careful when doing it, which only takes a few minutes.


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