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A look at the role of health tourism facilitators
With the growing trend of medical tourism around the world, we are witnessing the opening of offices and companies providing health tourism services every day. However, in some of the world’s leading medical tourism destinations, the growth of similar illegal offices has become a major problem not only for tourists but also for hospitals providing medical services to foreign tourists.

Really, what is the position of health tourism facilitation companies and companies providing travel services to medical tourists, and why should we welcome the establishment of legal offices in this field?

Of course, we should not forget that these offices are in fact the first points of contact between tourists and medical tourism destinations around the world, and no matter how principled, legal and appropriate the activities of these offices are, we will definitely see a significant growth in medical tourism in the destination.

What are the services of health tourism facilitators?

At first glance, travel agencies offering medical services to medical tourists may be exactly the same as travel agencies offering to public tourists; This means that applying for a visa, obtaining a passport, booking a ticket, hotel, registering for a tour, etc. But there is one main difference that can be decisive, and that is medical advice and contact with medical centers around the world. .

So if we say that these companies are in fact intermediaries between foreign tourists and medical centers or specialist doctors’ offices, we are not saying that, and we have pointed out exactly the difference that we have to plan for.

In this regard, medical tourism experts and activists emphasize that the legal activity under the supervision of such offices can be a privilege for marketing medical centers around the world, because sometimes the process of attracting a tourist from thousands of kilometers away takes several months. Time is not only reasonable for one person, while service centers and counseling centers have the right facilities and time in this field.

Richard Robson; The medical tourism marketing expert believes that when a patient thinks not only about the price and services required to get the services he or she wants in another country, but also has dozens of other questions and points in mind, it takes hours and hours to convince him or her. He answered the single questions logically.

“In many cases, patients choose a new destination when using the services of consultants and medical tourism offices, and may even change their country of travel because expert advice leads them to new conclusions that they may not have been able to obtain themselves,” Robson said.

The medical tourism marketing expert emphasized: In principle, the facilitator of medical tourism services is the bridge between the facilitator of the country of origin and the health tourist and the medical center providing the services, so the stronger the bridge, the higher the experience and score for patients. .

Noting that today is a significant part of travel demand in the field of heart, internal medicine and cosmetic and health surgeries, he said: “The activities of these facilitators may be more important today than any other day because special needs along with special services for tourists.” It is usually not possible for tourists to gather the information they need.

What are the real benefits of health tourism facilitators?

• General information: Basically, health tourism facilitators can provide accurate answers to all possible questions, which are usually impossible or very time consuming for the tourists themselves, to get answers to, given the accurate information they have about the destinations or destinations of health tourists. شد.
Familiarity with medical centers: When medical tourism facilitators sign a cooperation agreement with a medical center, they formally check all the documents and certificates required by patients and tourists and evaluate their validity from the relevant institutions, which is a great advantage for tourists. Will have a high.
• Logistics: Facilitators can coordinate the services needed by tourists even before the start of the trip so that tourists only have to pack their bags and leave the house, because in many cases even reaching the airport of origin and returning home. Also seen in the package and a private car will be sent to tourists.
• Receiving integrated insurance: In some cases, the variety and multiplicity of services desired by tourists cause tourists to have problems in obtaining uniform and organized insurance policies, while when we use the facilitators, we will definitely have full and appropriate insurance coverage.
• A network of services: Due to the growing growth of medical tourism, most formal and legal facilitators throughout the global village have formed specialized networks with each other so that they can use each other’s services to complete their packages if necessary.
• Lack of language proficiency; No longer a problem: One of the most important barriers to choosing medical tourism destinations for tourists is language proficiency, and emerging destinations are often overlooked by tourists due to lack of language proficiency, but facilitators entering this equation will also solve this problem. In this way, translators fluent in both languages ​​can be a reliable communication solution for the patient and his audience.
• Economic savings: One of the most important reasons for using medical services outside the homeland is economic savings, so that sometimes the use of medical services in some countries can save up to 80% of the cost for tourists compared to their homeland. For this reason, by using the services of facilitators, the best possible savings can be experienced in proportion to the services required. For example, the nearly 50 million Americans who do not have health insurance are now recognized as the main recipients of medical tourism services in other parts of the world who can receive affordable and affordable services to their homeland.

For the first time in the country, a specialized cardiologist clinic has been established by creating a health facilitator company located in a medical center, without intermediaries and within the legal framework, accepting real patients from countries of origin, providing additional tourism and medical services in Iran in the form of economic packages. Provides services.


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