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Psychiatric counseling clinic in Mashhad

Many people do not know the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Sometimes they use the word psychologist instead of psychiatrist and psychologist instead of psychologist. This is so common that even educated people sometimes make this mistake.

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist is actually a doctor who specializes in psychiatry. In other words, a psychiatrist is actually a neurologist.

Many people’s psychological problems are solved by psychiatrists, not psychologists. Fear, hallucinations, depression, schizophrenia, and hearing strange sounds or seeing strange images are all rooted in the human psyche and should be addressed with the help of a psychiatrist and medication.

Although psychologists have the authority to address some of these issues, and in many cases and illnesses and psychological problems and disorders require a psychiatrist and psychologist at the same time, many psychiatrists also do counseling work.

Psychiatrists, as physicians, have the knowledge and the right to prescribe various tests for patients. They can help improve patients and their psychological problems by performing psychological tests and examining patients’ physical and mental condition.

A psychiatrist, having studied medicine, is familiar with different medications and can, through various tests, understand the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses and the relationship between genetics and family history. However, the psychologist does not have the right to prescribe or prescribe medication. Depending on their specialization, psychiatrists can enter various fields, including child and adolescent psychiatry, surgical psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, and psychological medicine (mind and body).

Psychiatrists work in a variety of settings, including private clinics, public and psychiatric hospitals, university medical centers, community organizations, courts, prisons, nursing homes, and more.

Who is a psychologist?

Psychologists, however, studied humanities and entered the field of psychology at university. After obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree, he has been allowed to work in counseling centers or office. One of the branches of psychology is clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists place more emphasis on treatment and their goal is to help people solve their problems. Psychotherapy is one of the ways they use to solve people’s problems.

Psychotherapy can be a variety of sub-disciplines, including cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, schema therapy, analytical therapy, psychoanalysis, play therapy, and the like.

Therefore, the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist can be summarized in such a way that the psychiatrist’s work is more about diagnosing the disease and prescribing medication, and therefore, his meetings with the patient are short and the number of sessions is small. But the psychologist relies on counseling, so there is more time for both sessions and more client sessions.

On the other hand, some psychological problems are rooted in physical problems. For example, hyperthyroidism or hormonal problems can change a person’s mood. In these cases, the psychiatrist is responsible for diagnosing the disease and prescribing the necessary medications to correct the problem.

As mentioned, it is the psychiatrist who has the right to prescribe and prescribe medication, and a psychologist is not authorized to prescribe or prescribe medication or prescription under any circumstances, although some psychologists, with the help of some general practitioners, do so. They do something.

Finally, the presence of a psychiatrist and psychologist is required to treat some psychological problems and disorders. Their cooperation with each other accelerates the healing process of the patient.

The importance of subspecialty psychiatric counseling

Many people around the world, including Iranians, suffer from psychological problems that require a visit to a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, the value of wrong judgments and misconceptions about psychiatrists and psychotherapists has led many people to deprive themselves of treatment and psychological counseling and go to a psychiatrist.

Regardless of the variety and number of psychological problems, all of these problems and disorders can be completely or largely resolved with the help of a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

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