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Nutrition consulting clinic in Mashhad

Many people have overlooked the importance of healthy eating and diet in the health of their body and soul. You all know that nutrition is the food that enters our body and provides the energy and nutrients we need to survive. If there is a disturbance in this energy source, it will manifest itself in physical and mental problems and disorders.
Many of our physical problems are due to eating unhealthy foods and having a diet that is not in line with our physical needs. Improper nutrition can lead to obesity, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diseases such as gout, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety and many more.
Attitudes toward nutrition around the world are changing. Many people in developed countries have realized the importance of food and nutrition and its role in physical and mental health. However, unfortunately, in our country, nutrition is not considered as a specialized science, and this issue has caused people to not pay enough attention to the issue of nutrition and only seek to solve their problem after suffering from various physical and mental illnesses. In the meantime, if they get in the way, they go to a doctor and a nutritionist. However, if we use the help and advice of nutritionists and specialists from the beginning, we will prevent many diseases. This is a very important issue that many people neglect and do.

The relationship between nutrition and mental disorders

But the issue of the effect of nutrition on humans does not end with the effects and physical problems. Many of the bigger problems, that is, mental health problems, are also caused by poor nutrition. At first glance, you may not understand the connection between the foods we eat and mental illness and disease, but the fact is: poor nutrition can lead to mental health problems.

Reports and research in recent years show that nutrition directly affects people’s moods, moods and behaviors. For example, a report published on the WebMed website mentions some of this research and the effect of food on the human mind and psyche. Today, the psychological problems of children cause more than 17 million children in the United States to suffer from these disorders and mental illnesses, and one of the most important reasons for this is unhealthy diets. “There is ample evidence that diet affects mental health as much as it does the health of our bodies,” said Dr. Felici Jaka, president of the International Association for Nutritional Psychiatric Research. A diet can make you more creative and efficient, and an unhealthy diet can make you depressed and anxious.

If you still do not believe this, you can read the full text of this report at the following link:

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The job of a nutritionist is generally to take into account your physical and mental condition and to write a unique version for you according to your physical needs and physical and mental problems and disorders. His prescription consists of diets and in some cases prescribing chemical or herbal medicines.

The nutritionist can give detailed advice based on the patient’s physical and mental assessment of the promotion of physical health, growth problems, the fight against diseases such as obesity, weight loss, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, clogged arteries and heart problems, MS, fatty liver, Provide hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, mental health problems and the like.

In addition to obesity and weight loss diets, a nutritionist can also provide advice on pregnancy and lactation, as well as the elderly. For example, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should follow a special diet that regulates their blood sugar, meets the physical needs of themselves and their baby, and achieves fitness. The diet of the elderly also helps them to overcome their problems, especially their physical ones, and to increase their life expectancy along with their health and vitality.

The important thing is that you can look for a nutrition “expert” and not just any expert or person who has information in this area. A nutritionist is someone who has studied in this field, has accumulated knowledge for many years, and has enough experience to provide subspecialty counseling to different patients with different problems.

Subspecialty nutrition advice

If you have a problem or disorder, it is best to look for its root in nutrition first. Unhealthy nutrition causes many of our physical, mental and emotional illnesses. On the other hand, proper nutrition and the help of specialized and sub-specialized advice and counseling can not only prevent the development of physical and mental illness, but can also bring your physical and mental condition to ideal conditions.

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