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Pregnancy and heart clinic in Mashhad

Heart health care is a very important issue, especially during pregnancy. Many people do not know that the heart will become more sensitive during pregnancy, and not paying attention to this issue can have a significant impact on the health of the mother and fetus.

On the other hand, a woman’s heart health is very important before pregnancy. That is why cardiologists around the world advise women who are planning to become pregnant to make sure their heart is healthy.

This can be especially dangerous for women and their babies, especially women with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. To the extent that this may cause miscarriage during pregnancy. But this is not the only issue. Mothers who smoke, have diabetes, and suffer from high blood pressure may have heart problems during pregnancy.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in pregnant women, according to published reports. About 26% of maternal deaths during and after pregnancy are due to cardiovascular problems, according to the Healthline website.

Of course, this does not mean that women with heart disease can not and should not get pregnant; Rather, the reports emphasize that these women should be more careful about their heart and heart health than other women.

For example, managing and controlling weight, stopping alcohol and smoking, and doing simple exercise such as walking can prevent many diseases and heart problems during pregnancy. Otherwise you should expect more cardiovascular disease than others.

All women who are planning to become pregnant, especially women with cardiovascular problems, should consult a cardiologist and obstetrician to ensure, first, that the pregnancy is safe for themselves and the baby, and second, if there is a problem or illness. , Be able to control and minimize its complications and risks.

For example, a woman may need to take certain medications or drugs before pregnancy, but she must make sure that the drug is not dangerous to the fetus and does not cause any harm to her. On the other hand, during pregnancy, these women should go to a pregnancy and heart clinic, regularly and regularly check their heart health to prevent any problems with the help of doctors and specialists with the help of doctors and specialists. To be taken.

Studies around the world show that one in four women who die of heart problems during pregnancy can be saved.

Heart problems during pregnancy

The question that may arise for many is why women are more likely to have cardiovascular problems during pregnancy? The simplest answer to this question is that pregnancy changes a woman’s heart system and blood circulation. A pregnant woman’s heart must circulate blood both in her own body and in the body of the fetus; That is, he must be more active than other people’s hearts. This is why even healthy mothers may have heart problems during pregnancy.

On the other hand, childbirth can also put a lot of pressure on the heart, because the blood pressure in the body changes drastically. After the baby is born, the heart also experiences a drop in blood pressure.

Heart rate abnormalities, for example, are a common problem for women during pregnancy. This problem is due to the irregularity in the pumping of blood by the heart, which of course is largely normal and many women experience it.

Another problem that can occur for pregnant women is congestive heart failure. Of course, this is a problem for women who are prone to this disease, and in other women, it is almost very rare. In this disease, changes in blood pressure and blood pressure cause high pressure on the heart and weaken it. When it weakens, the heart can no longer pump blood completely throughout the body, which causes the oxygen and nutrients that are distributed by the blood throughout the body to not reach all parts of the body enough, putting a lot of risk. Is following.

Symptoms of heart disease during pregnancy

Before we try to mention the symptoms of heart disease during pregnancy, we must point out the important and aggravating cause of heart disease in pregnant women. Obesity, a family history of heart disease, poor nutrition during pregnancy, alcohol consumption, multiple pregnancies, and age over 30 during pregnancy can all increase the risk of heart problems in pregnant women.

But how do you know if you have heart problems? Consider these signs and symptoms, and with the onset of these symptoms, be sure to see your doctor and cardiologist: palpitations, high heart rate, constant tiredness, swelling of the hands and feet and ankles and arms, frequent urination at night and Shortness of breath under normal circumstances.

However, you should see a doctor and cardiologist before you have any cardiovascular problems or problems. The cardiologist clinic has a pregnancy and heart clinic that provides you with the necessary advice before pregnancy and ensures the health of you and your baby during pregnancy and after delivery, by thoroughly examining your physical condition.

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