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Heart scan

A heart scan is an imaging of the myocardium, or heart muscle. This is done by nuclear imaging. Coronary artery disease usually has no symptoms, so many patients with this condition think that there is no problem with their heart. Of course, this disease does not show symptoms only as long as the patient does not have intense activities, and as soon as physical activity is done, the symptoms of this disease also appear. For this reason, the condition of the heart should be examined in the case of high blood flow to the heart, ie in the state of activity. That’s why heart scans are done with exercise testing. It is in this context that it becomes clear why a person experiences a relative decrease in blood flow or so-called medical ischemia during physical activity.

This disease occurs due to narrowing of the arteries, and if it is not treated in time and in stages where the disease is not acute, it can be problematic for the person.

Why is a heart scan used?

The question may arise for anyone, what exactly is a heart scan used for? The answer is that a heart scan is one of the most accurate cardiovascular tests performed to diagnose coronary artery disease. In this test, the blood supply to the heart is examined in two modes of activity and rest. By scanning and imaging the heart, it is determined which parts of the heart are malfunctioning. These areas are prone to stroke. By identifying these weak areas, the doctor decides how to treat the weakness in those areas to prevent stroke and heart attack for the patient. Cardiac scans are also helpful for patients who have already had a stroke. By scanning the heart of patients with a history of heart attack, it is determined how much of the heart tissue is healthy and working well.

How is the heart scan process?

The pre-test condition of the heart scan is no different from the condition prepared before the exercise test, and the person should stop taking some medications that affect the heart rate, and should not smoke for at least 3 hours before the test. , Should not eat anything and especially liquids containing caffeine and alcohol should not be consumed at all.

The first step in a heart scan is for your doctor to ask you questions about your history of heart disease and medication, which you must answer carefully and honestly. You should tell your doctor about any problems, discomforts, or medications, both chemical and herbal. He will then examine your heart. Finally, several stick-like electrodes are placed on your chest, the other end of which is attached to an ECG machine. You sit on a treadmill or stationary bike and the exercise test begins and continues until the patient’s heart beats. Sometimes a safe radioactive substance is injected into the patient to make the blood flow to the heart better and faster.

Sometimes, instead of treadmills and sports activities, the doctor uses certain medications that have the same effect as doing sports activities. After this test, it is time to shoot. Of course, this step can not be done immediately after the exercise test, so the patient must wait a while for the heart activity and respiratory movements to decrease. After sufficient time, the patient goes to the imaging room. After the imaging, the first stage of the experiment is over. The second step is a heart scan, which is postponed to the next day.

During the heart scan, you should fast for three hours and especially avoid fatty and sweet substances. The radioactive material is first injected into the patient’s body, and after about one to two hours, exactly like the imaging of the previous day, the patient’s heart is imaged again.

At the end of the second stage, the heart scan is completed. The results of both tests are provided in the form of a three-dimensional image to a cardiologist and a nuclear medicine specialist. These pictures show the condition of the blood supply to the heart muscle, and finally it is possible to detect clogged or narrowed arteries, if any.

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