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Cardio oncology clinic in Mashhad

Cardio oncology is one of the completely new fields in Iran that has a very effective application in medicine, especially for cancer patients. Although doctors say it is very difficult to do. This new and specialized field is in fact a combination of cardiology, which means cardiovascular, and oncology, which means oncology.

This field has become very important because it has a great impact on the fight against cancers, especially in the field of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on the cardiovascular system. In particular, cardiovascular problems and related deaths have increased in cancer patients.

The importance of cardiovecology

According to a report on the website of the European Society of Cardiology, more than 10% of cancer patients die not from cancer but from cardiovascular problems.

The report, published in the journal Heart of Europe, found that for some types of cancer, such as breast, prostate, endometrial and thyroid cancers, up to 50 percent of deaths. This means that half of all people who die from these cancers die from cardiovascular problems, not cancer.

Oncologist Dr. Nicholas Zaworski has worked with cancer patients in the United States with Dr. Kathleen Sturgeon, an assistant professor of public health who is both at Penn Cancer College in Pennsylvania. Between 1973 and 2012, 3.2 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer.

Using the data, the two physicians began to assess the physical health of patients who had lost their lives. They used a health database to look at heart problems, high blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease, atherosclerosis and aortic vessel damage among those who died. They even categorized their analyzes based on factors that could affect the outcome. Factors such as age, race and gender. They did this study on patients with 28 types of cancer.

Of those 3.2 million, about 38 percent, or more than 1.2 million, died of cancer and about 11 percent, or about 400,000, died of cardiovascular problems. . Of those who died from cardiovascular problems, about 76 percent died directly from heart problems. The two doctors also found that deaths from cardiovascular problems were the highest risk among cancer patients under the age of 35 in the first year of cancer.

Dr. Nikolas Zaursky and Dr. Kathleen Sturgeon examined the conditions of cancer patients who died and concluded that most patients who died of cardiovascular problems had breast cancer and prostate cancer.

“Our findings show that the vast majority of cancer patients who die are due to cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, stroke, hypertension and vascular damage,” said Dr. Sturgeon. They have lost. “We also found that among those surviving with any type of cancer, those who were diagnosed before the age of 55 were twice as likely to die from cardiovascular problems as normal people.”

what should we do?

Given the above, one of the most important causes of death in cancer patients is cardiovascular involvement and the problems that arise for them in this area. In this way, basic and effective steps can be taken to reduce cardiac complications and mortality due to cardiovascular problems in cancer patients.

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If you live in Mashhad or are in this city, we suggest you visit the cardiologist clinic. The Cardiography Clinic, with its Cardio Oncology Clinic, takes good care of the cancer patients so that they can receive the necessary and appropriate cardiac treatments, if necessary. Sometimes the clinic provides preventive services to patients.

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