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Special services for international patients

International Patients Department International Patients Unit

The team of the International Patients Unit consists of individuals with different specialties who, in coordination with the International Unit, provide outpatient services to international patients. All members of this team, which consists of the head of the international unit, the international expert, the international doctor, the international nurse, the welcoming nurse and.. All of them are fluent in English, Arabic, Turkish and..

Objectives and activities performed in this unit
Establishment of an international department in a specialized cardiologist clinic
Formation of IPD team including (doctor, treating physician, expert, nurse, admission)
Dedicated ward for international patients
Daily registration of information in the portal of the deputy treatment system
Preparation of multilingual pamphlets
Hold IPD committee meetings on a monthly basis
International Patient Expert

An international patient specialist is a person who is based in the international patient unit and is responsible for follow-up and all services provided to the patient in the clinic. These include initial communication with the patient and coordinating the necessary arrangements to perform all medical services for them and the liaison between the patient and physicians and the treatment team.

Duties of the international patient expert in relation to the patient:

Continuous presence in the international patient unit
Entry to the medical center from any time
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Make the necessary arrangements for the admission of an international patient in a medical center
Inform the international physician and the treating physician upon arrival of the international patient
Guiding and introducing the international patient to the international patient ward
Assistance in translating and communicating the international patient with the medical and nursing staff during the treatment of the international patient
Currency and daily attendance at the medical center
Take the necessary measures and coordination when discharging an international patient
This is a health care facilitator
Registration of international patient information in the Ministry of Health Tourism system
Coordination with the University Health Tourism Expert

International Patient Physician

Visit of the patient in the first hour of arrival
Coordinating with the treating physician and taking initial instructions
Coordinating with the head nurse of the ward and the nursing office to perform medical procedures and patient consultations as soon as possible
Daily patient visit
Coordinating with the head of the electronic system and the international patient expert to prepare the electronic file
Collaborate with the treating physician to prepare a summary of the patient’s file and documents in English
Follow-up of emergencies that may occur within 24 hours for the patient
Provide sufficient information to the patient about how to complain

Patient financial services:

When referring to a specialist cardiologist clinic, note that the costs are much lower than similar treatments in developed countries. Specialists and subspecialists in the field of non-invasive cardiac services, using state-of-the-art equipment, offer the same treatment as in European and American countries. The cost of these services in Iran is significantly lower than in Europe and the United States. To find out the costs, you can ask the International Patient (IPD) approximate cost of treatment before going to a cardiologist. The expert of this department, after consulting with the International Patients’ Finance Department, will inform you of the approximate cost of treatment and accommodation. Or centers.

How to admit international patients:

In order to speed up and perform patient admission, the International Unit provides all services related to admission from the beginning of admission to the specialized cardiologist clinic to the end of discharge accompanied by foreign patients and provides the necessary instructions for treatment in consultation with physician and patient. .
In addition to medical services, the International Affairs Office in this center is able to provide necessary guidance for other types of clinic services and counseling in the field of infectious diseases, neurological diseases, lung diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and check-up services to foreign patients and their companions. Provide special conditions as soon as possible.
Obviously, fluent translators in English, Arabic and Turkish are also present in this center for the welfare and comfort of patients and the progress of their affairs as soon as possible.
Upon arrival at the Cardiography Clinic on the due date, the International Patient (IPD) Specialist will assist you with the filing (registration of personal information) and, upon admission, will guide you and your entourage to the VIP lounge to After fatigue, get ready for medical examinations and tests. Personal items such as (towels, clothes, toothbrushes, shampoo, combs, soap and slippers) are provided to the patient. If you need other equipment, you can notify the International Patient (IPD) specialist so that it can be provided to you as soon as possible. The menu of Iranian, French and Arabic dishes is provided by the contracted centers if the patient wishes.

International Patient Services:

The International Patients’ Department (IPD) is a cardiologist clinic composed of specialists and experienced physicians fluent in international languages, which provides 24-hour health services to international patients.
The international patient expert is responsible for coordinating the presence of international patients in the specialized cardiologist clinic. In this regard, in order to shorten the service delivery route, the welcoming nurse in the lobby of the specialized cardiologist clinic welcomes the international patient.
In order to comfort, well-being and reduce the accommodation and travel concerns of the patient and his companions, the health care facilitator located in the specialized cardiology clinic of hotel services in various degrees of formalities, receiving or extending the visa; Provides travel reservations on all airlines, land, sea and the benefit of health tours.
According to the patient’s condition and if desired, the possibility of accompanying him from the airport to the specialized cardiologist clinic and vice versa is available by the health care facilitator.
Translation of all papers and forms of the specialized cardiologist clinic is provided in both Arabic and English. In this regard, daily surveys of international patients in various techniques (international questionnaire, face-to-face interview or email to the clinic) and corrective actions are performed.
Daily visits of international physicians from all international patients in the specialized cardiologist clinic and the experienced and highly specialized team of physicians in this field is one of the pillars of patients’ trust in the clinic.
Submitting a physician report in English at the time of discharge has created reassurance for patients to continue treatment in a specialized cardiologist clinic in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IPD Expert: Ms. Fatemeh Khatami – IPD Nurse: Ms. Umm Al-Banin Yaghoubi


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