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24-hour cardiac emergency in Mashhad

کلینیک غیر تهاجمی قلب نگار، کلینیک تخصصی قلب نگار، بهترین پزشکان متخصص قلب در مشهد

An emergency room is an area where emergency medical services are provided to patients. You should know that emergencies are created primarily to save the lives of patients whose lives are in danger and who need immediate medical attention.

Emergencies are usually considered as a separate unit in a hospital, and this is because patients’ access to it is better and faster, and patients do not have to seek emergency medical services in the main building of the hospital. However, sometimes depending on the condition of the hospital and its location, an emergency room is built inside the hospital.

Emergency in Iran

In 1975, the roof of one of the halls of Mehrabad Airport collapsed and this incident led to the death of a number of our compatriots. The incident also injured many people in the hall. But at that time no system was designed to help transport the injured in these sudden events.

It was at this time and after the incident that the authorities considered establishing a medical emergency system to treat the injured.

Thus, with the help and cooperation of the United States of America, an emergency medical system called the Emergency was established. Unfortunately, due to the situation in the country during the revolution and after that, the imposed war, there was never an opportunity to renew and modernize medical facilities and manpower until in 1379, with the approval of the comprehensive medical emergency plan, the previous system became organized and even A new field called “medical emergencies” was established in some medical universities of the country. From that day on, more books were translated and published in this field, new and more experienced managers replaced the traditional managers, and the ground for improving the number and type of ambulances as well as the number of bases was provided based on the same plan approved in 2000.

Although great progress has been made in this area and emergency services are at a relatively good level, we still have a long way to go to meet and compete with international standards.


In general, emergencies include triage departments, screening rooms, supervised departments, and the main emergency department.

Depending on the situation, the emergency room can have an intensive care unit and, of course, an outpatient operating room.

One of the most important parts of the emergency room is the resuscitation room, which should have all the necessary facilities for resuscitation of patients. Emergency is especially important for heart patients, and how many lives have been saved in emergency departments. It is not unreasonable that the emergency room is called the heart of the hospital.

In general, emergency departments in all hospitals are divided into several main categories based on the type and level of services they provide:
1- General emergencies
2- Trauma emergencies
3- Single specialized emergencies
Also in terms of interior space, the emergency room can be divided into four main sections:
1- Common area
2- Area of ​​urgency
3- Outpatient area
4- The area under supervision
5- Emergency communication with hospital wards

Emergency rooms in hospitals are connected to other hospital departments and provide their services in the middle of this connection. Emergency departments include General Surgery, Restricted Surgery, Cardiac Catheterization, Open Heart Surgery, Delivery, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Dialysis Unit , Types of inpatient wards and other hospitals and medical centers.

Emergency manpower can vary depending on the type and level of emergency services, but a standard emergency should include the following manpower: emergency medicine specialists as head and principal of the emergency, general practitioners, emergency medical technicians and nurses, paramedics, paramedics , Secretaries, laboratory experts, radiology experts, and finally service personnel.

کلینیک غیر تهاجمی قلب نگار، کلینیک تخصصی قلب نگار، بهترین پزشکان متخصص قلب در مشهد


In the field of general necessities of the emergency department, it is necessary to observe the following:

1- All emergency room beds must be equipped with a nurse emergency call system.

2- Emergency call alert system should be available in all emergency spaces.

3- Fire alarm system and fire extinguishing facilities must be available in the emergency room.

4- An efficient communication system should be considered in such a way that it is possible to establish proper and fast communication in all spaces inside the emergency department and other parts of the hospital and a direct telephone line for the head of the emergency department nursing shift (preferably via mobile phone and By eliminating the blind spots of the hospital) in all work shifts.

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