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Blood pressure holter

What is a blood pressure holter?

Blood pressure monitoring, also known as a blood pressure holter test, is a relatively new diagnostic method for assessing patients’ blood pressure on an ongoing basis.
Determining the type of hypertension in the patient can offer better treatment options to cardiologists.
A blood pressure holter allows your doctor to assess your blood pressure throughout your daily life, rather than just when you are in the office.
And it is very useful in deciding whether the disease really has high blood pressure.
Blood pressure holter is a non-invasive and outpatient test that is performed to record changes in a patient’s blood pressure in Dr. Arezoo Khosravi’s office.

How does a blood pressure holter work?

Outpatient blood pressure control is done with a special device that consists of a sphygmomanometer that is placed on your arm and connected to a small recorder that you fasten on your belt. You attach a Holter device for a day or two that records your blood pressure periodically (usually at 15-minute or 30-minute intervals) and during daily activities and at bedtime.

So the blood pressure holter provides a complete history of your blood pressure for a period of one or two days to your cardiologist.

The information that a blood pressure monitor provides is fundamentally different from the information that a doctor obtains about your blood pressure in the office.
The difference is that the patient can measure blood pressure once or twice while visiting the doctor’s office, while using the blood pressure monitoring method with a pressure holter device, the patient’s blood pressure is measured twice an hour and It is recorded and also the blood pressure measured in the office is at rest. While the Holter test reports your blood pressure in a range of situations and activities from running to sleeping. It is normal for a person’s blood pressure to fluctuate a lot during many activities that he usually does in one day. So, unlike your blood pressure in the doctor’s office, the Holter device does not report just one value for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which seems to indicate your official “blood pressure”. Instead, it reports a range of variable values ​​over the course of a day or more.


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