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Preoperative counseling clinic in Mashhad

Because surgery can have a profound effect on anyone’s body, it is important to know exactly how these changes occur before any surgery, and to be well aware of all the information about the surgery you are considering.

One of the most important activities of advanced and modern clinics and clinics around the world is pre-surgery counseling. If you are one of the applicants for a surgery, first of all, you should have a correct view of the surgery you want.

By consulting with doctors and specialists, you will find out whether, firstly and in general, you are a good candidate for surgery and, secondly, in particular, whether you are a good candidate for that unique surgery. If your doctor has assured you that you are a good candidate for a particular surgery, then you need to look at that surgery properly.

How necessary this surgery is for you, what risks it entails for you and what risks it will impose on you if you do not do it, what are the results of this surgery, what is its success and failure rate? Is.

You need to fully understand the risks and dangers of surgery and the physical and psychological effects. You should also be well aware of how this surgery will affect your personal, work and professional life and how it can change your lifestyle and lifestyle; Whether in the short time after the operation until complete recovery or after.

After considering and understanding all of these questions, you can make your decision to have surgery.

In the meantime, the important thing is that before you enter the operating room, you must find the answers to all your questions. When entering the operating room, there should be no ambiguity or unanswered questions left for you.

Preoperative counseling and the patient’s physical condition

Another very important point that shows the importance of preoperative counseling is the patient’s physical condition. A patient’s physical condition, in addition to manifesting itself in physical examinations, is also clarified in the preoperative consultation for the physician.

Sometimes there are points that the doctor can not see as a result of blood and urine tests and chest x-rays. For example, the patient may be taking certain medications that make surgery dangerous for him or her; Or the patient is completely physically controllable and stable but not mentally prepared for surgery.

In this case, the doctor must be fully aware of the patient’s mental and physical condition. If you are taking certain pills or medications, you should inform your doctor before the operation and during the consultation session or sessions. If you are psychologically afraid of surgery, it is better to share all your fears and worries with your doctor and counselor. Counseling sessions are designed for this purpose so that the patient is physically and mentally fully prepared to make and accept his decision. Now this decision can be a surgery, or to abandon that surgery.

Sometimes a surgery requires that you have a minimum or maximum body weight; Or you have experienced stable weight conditions in the last few months. Counseling sessions help not only you, but also your counselor to assess the situation with more credible and realistic data and facts, make better decisions for you, and give you more accurate advice.

Questions that can be asked in counseling

As a patient seeking surgery, you have rights that must be respected. Your most important right as a patient is free access to information. You have the right to ask your doctor or your counselor questions about your surgeon before surgery; Questions such as what is the specialty of this doctor? How long has he been having surgery? What have been similar to your situation? What is the probability of success and failure of your surgery? Does this surgery have complications and risks or not? What is the recovery period and treatment after surgery? And any other questions that make your final decision about this surgery.

Answering these questions, in addition to being your right, will help you make the best decision. Sometimes a patient may skip surgery in preoperative counseling sessions or, conversely, people who are reluctant to have surgery may be persuaded to have the surgery or even want to have surgery. Do it better in a clinic or hospital and by more skilled and experienced doctors.

Preoperative counseling clinic in cardiologist clinic

Cardiologist is one of the most reputable heart clinics in Iran. This clinic has been established with the aim of human health and well-being in the city of Mashhad. We believe that health and well-being is the right of every human being to achieve it. Because we at the Cardiography Clinic respect patients’ right to “know”, we have arranged preoperative counseling sessions for patients. You can get answers to all your questions and ambiguities about your surgery.

Cardiograph Negar Clinic with a full team of specialists and fellowships in cardiology and advanced cardiac equipment is one of the best heart centers in Mashhad to all those who are concerned about the health of their heart and family can be in the shortest possible time and with access Easy to use its services.

Cardiography clinic equipped with different departments including exercise testing clinic, ECG holter and blood pressure holter, three-dimensional echocardiographic stress echocardiography, cardiac nuclear scan, heart rehabilitation department, specialized and subspecialty cardiovascular clinics, endocrine consultations , Lung, digestion and nutrition and psychology.

We are the mother of Negarzamin Heart Clinic. We guarantee your health. Contact us for more information.


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