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Echo (exercise test) in Mashhad

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Exercise test or stress test is to evaluate the function of the heart during physical activity. In some patients, cardiovascular problems and illnesses sometimes do not show up at rest. Sometimes even these problems do not show up on the ECG. Therefore, for a more accurate assessment, their heart function should be tested during exercise. Exercise test or stress test is designed for this purpose. In the case of exercise or physical activity, the state of blood supply to the heart is better determined. If there is blockage of the arteries or narrowing of the arteries, the symptoms will show up on this test. In this way, the doctor with a timely diagnosis can prevent the progression of the disease or cardiovascular problems in the patient.

Why exercise?

Doctors usually prescribe exercise tests to get a clearer and clearer picture of a patient’s heart condition. Especially if they see signs and symptoms of coronary heart disease or irregular heart rhythm. One of the most important reasons for an exercise test is chest pain. Your doctor will usually prescribe an exercise test for people who have chest pain and no symptoms on their ECG. However, the doctor may have other reasons for prescribing exercise testing to the patient. These can include diagnosing coronary heart disease or diagnosing arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems) and diagnosing heart disease. Sometimes the doctor has concluded from various tests that you have heart disease and need surgery, but the time of surgery is not known to him, and to understand the severity of heart disease, you should do this test to, if necessary, whatever Get surgery sooner.

What is an exercise test like?

Echo or exercise test is very comfortable and painless. In fact, it is more like a hobby and exercise than a medical experiment. The patient walks on a treadmill or rides a stationary bicycle. With electrodes attached to your heart, it can measure your blood pressure, rhythm and heart rate. This test is for the heart to react to the activity conditions, because in these conditions the heart has to work faster and stronger, and in fact it is the real power of the heart in this test that is determined and revealed. This test usually continues until the patient’s heart rate reaches a certain number. After this test, the patient’s condition is monitored until his heart rate returns to normal and normal.

By analyzing the data of this device, your doctor can find out about your possible heart problems and prescribe the right medication for you.

Before the exercise test

When your doctor prescribes an exercise test, you should consider the following before going to the lab. You should not smoke, you should not eat anything, and especially you should not consume caffeinated liquids and alcohol at all, up to 3 hours before this test. It is also best to do this test in casual clothes and hiking boots, and finally, you should not do strenuous physical activity before doing this test. Also, talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking that you may need to discard before testing if necessary. These drugs may affect your test. Diabetics should also consult their doctor about taking their medications

Is echo testing dangerous?

No; This test alone poses no risk to the individual. In fact, it is an exercise that makes a person’s heart beat faster and stronger; However, for some people with heart problems, this test may cause chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, or even fainting. In this case, if you feel any discomfort, you should inform it so that if necessary, your test will be stopped. Of course, your doctor will take other tests before prescribing an exercise test and find out your current condition. If you are prone to such problems, your doctor will not prescribe this test for you.

On the other hand, your blood pressure may drop after this test, which can make you feel dizzy or weak. However, this feeling should disappear with a few minutes of rest.

If you have chest pain or discomfort, if you feel that your heart rate is abnormal (too high or too low), or if you are over 50, it is best to see a cardiologist and get a complete check-up of your heart condition. . Remember that preventing or caring for heart health is much more treatable when heart disease or problems are in their early stages than when they are acute. So do not underestimate or neglect your heart health assessment.

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