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Holter Blood Pressure Monitoring Clinic in Mashhad

All of you have seen your doctor over and over again to get your blood pressure. But sometimes your doctor needs to know more about your blood pressure fluctuations than the moment he or she records your blood pressure. Blood pressure monitoring holter is a device through which the patient’s blood pressure can be recorded for 24 hours a day.

Blood pressure monitor Holter is a small digital device that attaches to the patient’s body to record his blood pressure during the day and during normal and daily activities. By recording the patient’s blood pressure information in 24 hours, the physician can get a clear idea of ​​the patient’s blood pressure status. Fluctuations in blood pressure, high and low blood pressure, and the like during daily activities, help the doctor to detect any problems or problems. Your doctor can also find out how effective your medications are, so that he or she can continue to prescribe or change medications if needed.

How Holter Blood Pressure Monitor works

This device will be installed for you after your doctor prescribes you to use a blood pressure monitor. Using this device does not require any bleeding or surgery and does not cause any pain. The device is easily installed on the body. Holter monitoring has wires connected to electrodes. These electrodes are placed on the chest to record heart information.

The device works by measuring and recording your blood pressure at regular intervals, such as every 15 to 30 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes to an hour during the night. This device does not cause any discomfort to the person, so that the person can easily do daily tasks during the day and sleep easily at night.

The only restriction for a person is that he should not go to the bathroom and wet the machine during these 24 hours. After 24 hours, the person must go to the clinic to have the device removed from their body. It takes a few minutes to disassemble the device. There, after the device is disconnected, its information is extracted. The extracted results are handed over to the physician to analyze the information. Finally, if there are any problems, the treatment process should begin at the doctor’s discretion. Sometimes your doctor may need more information to diagnose a disease or any possible problem and, as a result, prescribe other tests for you.

What are the risks of using Holter monitoring?

As mentioned above, basically no surgery, incision or bleeding is required to install this device on the body; This is a digital device that is easily installed on the body to measure and record your blood pressure in 24 hours. Therefore, this device does not pose any danger to any part of the body.

Why use a blood pressure monitor Holter?
Some ask the question, what is the difference between blood pressure monitoring holter and taking blood pressure in a doctor’s office? In response, we must say that in principle the two are no different from each other. The only difference is that in the office, your doctor will measure your blood pressure once every 30 seconds. This can lead to many errors. Including whether your blood pressure is high or low at that particular moment; You have fluctuating blood pressure that raises and lowers your blood pressure during the day by doing different activities or other problems that do not show up by measuring your blood pressure once. Holter monitoring can very well measure your blood pressure with high accuracy in 24 hours so that in case of blood pressure fluctuations during the day, all these events and information will be recorded and will reach your doctor.

The benefits of Holter blood pressure monitoring include measuring blood pressure several times, avoiding possible errors or misdiagnosis, measuring the patient’s blood pressure without disturbing daily activities, assessing the circadian rhythm of blood pressure, establishing more connections between blood pressure and cardiovascular complications, and Provide a clearer picture of the variability of blood pressure noted.

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